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6 tips for making office furniture work smarter

In this era of doing more with less, small businesses have discovered that furnishing and decorating an office is an even larger challenge than it used to be. With tight spaces and even tighter budgets, there’s little room for mistakes. The following tips can help keep you on target.

1. Project the right image. Your office décor makes a statement about your company. Make sure it aligns with your brand identity.

2. Go for quality. Spending a little more for sturdy furniture that will last longer can save you money in the long run.

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3. Consider the future. Ask the furniture dealer whether it will be easy to purchase more of the same furniture down the road so if you hire new employees, their furniture will match what you already have. 

4. Make your furniture multitask. File cabinets topped with fabric-covered cushions can be used as chairs and slide under a desk
or table when not in use. Ottomans can double as storage bins and stools.

5. Think about function. How will the space be used? For example, if you often have brief meetings around a desk, consider replacing it with a smaller desk and adding a meeting table. That way, the work on your desk can remain undisturbed as the meeting proceeds.

6. Add psychic space. You can make small spaces seem larger by using pale colors that reflect light for walls, work surfaces and furnishings. Add a splash of color on an accent wall or with accessories. Swapping out big, dark furniture for desks and tables
on lean, lightweight legs can help, too. 

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