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The Most Vulnerable Women & Children—The American Banker's with Heart - American River BankRiver Bank Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that create opportunity, enhance self-esteem and provide physical and emotional well-being for the most vulnerable women and children.

Since 2004, the American River Bank Foundation has donated $853,100 to 44 different organizations.

100% of donations are granted to community organizations as the Foundation is supported in whole by American River Bank, its employees and partners.

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The American River Bank Foundation will award grants to strengthen the capacity of local, community-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations conducting charitable work to benefit the unique issues affecting women and children exclusively within Sacramento, Sonoma, South Placer or Amador Counties.

Qualifying applicants may request grant monies to fund the general operations of an organization’s mission (if the organization’s annual budget is less than $1,000,000) or for a specific program relating to women and children. Past grant recipients are eligible to reapply.

Applicant organizations must meet the following criteria:
  • Non-profit organization with documented proof of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • Community-based organization within and providing services exclusively to Sonoma, Sacramento, South Placer or Amador Counties.
  • The applicant organization must have a governing Board of Directors and an Executive Director who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. The organization’s executive office and principal place of business must be located within the Foundation’s stated geographic area.
  • Applicants must be in good financial standing.
  • Administrative Expenditures may not exceed 20% of total budget.

The Foundation prefers to fund organizations and/or programs that seek to address the critical needs of the most vulnerable women and children, including but not limited to food, shelter, education and safety.

The American River Bank Foundation does not fund:
  • Individuals; private foundations; and international, fraternal, social or labor organizations
  • Political parties, candidates or lobbying activities
  • Capital campaigns
  • Advertising, benefits, raffle tickets, golf tournaments and other fund raising events involving purchase of tables, tickets, sponsorships or advertisements.
  • Religious organizations, unless the program is a secular community outreach program benefiting the community at large (e.g. homeless shelter, food bank)
2016 Funding Schedule
All dates subject to change without notice.

September 9, 2016     Grant applications are made available
October 7, 2016          Applications are due to the Foundation Office
December 31, 2016    Organizations are notified of grant award decisions
February 2017            Grant receptions and fund disbursement

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Selection Criteria
The American River Bank Foundation welcomes proposals from organizations of different sizes, capacities and scopes of services. We seek to support organizations that can not only touch our hearts through compelling story, but that can demonstrate through solid facts the significant impact they can make in our community.

Other factors considered are:
  • Follow best practices, including clarity of purpose, engagement with the communities served, fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Specifically describe organizational and/or program services & activities and can quantify the impact a grant would have on these
  • Tie directly to the Foundation’s purpose, without creating new programs
  • Demonstrate sound planning and management and do not needlessly duplicate existing efforts
  • Actively seek other sources of funding

Grant Range
Grants will range between $2,500 and $15,000. The Foundation will award a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of fifteen (15) grants. The Foundation reserves the right to award grants in a lesser amount than requested. Those organizations that do not use the funding for the approved purpose stated in their applications will be required to reimburse the Foundation the full amount. Grant recipients will be required to submit a report detailing fund usage at the request of the Foundation.

Past Grant Recipients

Arc of Amador and Calaveras : $5,000
California Parenting Institute : $7,500
CASA : $7,000

Committee On The Sheltherless (COTS) : $7,500
Family Promise of Sacramento : $12,500
Keaton Raphael Memorial for Neuroblastoma Inc : $7,000
Nexus Youth and Family Services: $5,000
Operation Care : $13,000
Redwood Empire Food Bank : $11,000

Roseville Home Start : $10,000
Sacramento Life Center : $12,500
Shoulder to Shoulder : $5,000
St. John's Program for Real Change : $12,500
Wellspring Women's Center : $12,500
Women's Empowerment : $2,500

Arc of Amador and Calaveras : $5,000
C.A.S.H (Community Against Sexual Harm) : $7,500
Hospice of Amador & Calaveras : $10,000
Keaton Raphael Memorial for Neuroblastoma Inc. : $4,000
Operation Care : $2,500
Placer Food Bank : $6,000
Roseville Home Start : $10,000
Wellspring Women’s Center : $10,000
Women’s Empowerment : $10,000
Worth Our Weight LTD : $5,000

Arc of Amador & Calaveras : $5,000
C.A.S.H (Community Against Sexual Harm): $7,500
Child Advocates of Placer County : $7,500
Living Room : $5,000
Operation Care : $10,000
Sacramento Life Center : $15,000
Senior Gleaners : $5,000
St. Johns Shelter for Women & Children : $10,000
Wellspring Womens Center : $5,000

Legal Aid of Sonoma : Three-Year Commitment of $50,000
Courage Worldwide Three-Year Commitment of $50,000
Sacramento Life Center  Mobile Medical Clinic: $15,000
Stand Up Placer : $10,000
Assistance League of Sacramento Operation School Bell: $5,000
C.A.S.H (Community Against Sexual Harm):  $5,000
Interfaith Food Bank Weekend Backpack Program: $5,000
Shoulder to Shoulder : $5,000
Amador-Tuolumne Community Resources Families Home Safe: $2,500

Child Advocates of Placer County : $7,500
CASA Sacramento : $7,500
Courage Worldwide : $10,000
Drug Abuse Alternatives Center : $10,000
Hospice of Amador County : $5,000
Legal Aid of Sonoma County : $5,000
Shoulder to Shoulder : $10,000

Diogenes Youth Services : $5,000
Hospice of Amador & Calaveras Griefbusters Program: $10,000
Operation Care : $5,000
Pediatric Dental Initiative of the North Coast (PDI): $5,000
Maryhouse : $10,000
St. Johns Shelter for Women and Children Plates Café: $10,000
The Living Room Center : $10,000
Wellspring Womens Center Breakfast Program: $5,000

Assistance League of Sacramento Operation School Bell: $10,000
Interfaith Council of Amador : $10,000
PEACE for Families Emergency Safe House: $10,000
Redwood Empire Food Bank Megan Furth Harvest Pantry: $10,000
Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center : $10,000
Wellspring Womens Center Breakfast Program: $10,000

Firefighters Burn Institute : $10,000 
Folsom Cordova Community Partnership Safety-Net Services : $10,000 
My Sisters House Safe Haven : $10,000
Operation Care : $10,000
Redwood Empire Food Bank Childrens Safety Net : $10,000
Wellspring Womens Center Breakfast Program: $10,000

Assistance League of Sacramento Operation School Bell: $10,000
Boys & Girls Club of Healdsburg : $15,000
Chicks in Crisis : $15,000
Hospice of Amador : $15,000
Maryhouse : $10,000

Acres of Hope : $20,000
Amador-Tuolumne Community Resources : $15,000
Redwood Empire Food Bank : $15,000
Wellspring Womens Center : $10,000
Women’s Empowerment : $10,000

CASA (Sonoma County): $15,000
Operation Care : $15,000
Roberts Family Development Center : $15,000
Sierra Adoption Services : $15,000
Board of Directors
Mitchell Derenzo
EVP & CFO, American River Bank

Paul Dutra
Partner, Dutra & Oates

Charles Fite
President, Fite Development Co.

William Robotham
Executive Partner, Pisenti & Brinker LLP

David Taber
President & CEO, American River Bank

Cathy Skeen
Excel Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc

Philip A. Wright
President & Owner, Wright Investments Inc. dba Wright Realty

Employee Committee 
Lynn Hadjian Kathleen Foreman Tracy Thompson
Diana La Point Nancy Melencheck Kymla Birchette
Sara Seyyedin Beth Stanton Fran Wood
Becca Hood Cecilia Miles