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Banking Services for Building Trades

Withstand unpredictable market cycles, construction delays, fluctuating prices of materials and funding gaps that all construction businesses face by partnering with a bank that understands your unique needs and challenges.

With over 25 years of experience  working with contractors, American River Bank can enhance your ability to bid more projects while keeping your cash flow consistent and positive.

Suggested Products & Services

Line of Credit – for bonding purposes, to finance temporary or seasonal cash shortfalls or for business expenses. Read More>>

Equipment Loans – Whether you need something with 22-inch tread or just a new pick-up truck, a term loan is best suited for the purchase of a long-lived assets. Read More>>

Business Money Market – your cash management work horse. Connect to your business checking and/or line of credit with a sweep option to optimize cash flow. Read More>>

Business Debit MasterCard® – makes purchasing and procurement easy. Request cards for employees. Read More>>

Business Online Banking – a complete online cash management suite that gives you the control and convenience to run your business efficiently. Read More>>

Merchant Bankcard Services - accept credit, debit, and gift card transactions through a terminal, online or on-the-go through your smart phone. Read More>>

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