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Customer Service Overview
Customer service is more than a policy. It is critical element of your business.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
The Basics of Customer Service
Customer service is a component in all aspects of your business.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Corporate Culture and Employee Participation - The Basis of Customer Service
To deliver the optimum first impression, and long term impact, your Customer Service Action Plan must incorporate both employee participation and corporate culture.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Call Centers: Is 1(800) Still the Magic Number?
Call centers can be simple to complex. Decide which is the best option for your business
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Bricks and Mortar: Cementing Customer Satisfaction
Even with a slew of online options, shoppers still cherish the ability to touch and feel merchandise they plan to purchase.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Online Retail: Cyber-Satisfaction for Real Customers
The Web, email and wireless technology bring together creative and technical aspects of design, development, advertising and sales
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Online Service Savvy: Build Superior Customer Support
A positive online experience benefits both the customer and the business
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Creating and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Superior customer service requires companies to know their clients well enough to both easily communicate with them and to foster long-term relationships.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Loyal Customers Build Business
Loyal customer retention isn't just smart - it's vital.
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Articles, Guides & Infographics
Outsourcing Customer Service: Getting Satisfaction
Remember, when outsourcing your customer service, that whoever engages your customers, in person, over the phone or on the Web, is the face of your product or service. Make sure they represent you in the best possible light.
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