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Making Business Goals Wor
As a small-business owner, setting goals is a vital part of your job description.
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The Work-Life Balancing Act
You have to put as much focus on yourself and your family as you do your business. Too much of one will only lead to not enough of the other.
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Becoming a True Servant Leader
To become a leader within your business you must follow a few guidelines that are required to obtain the loyalty of your team and employees. Fanatical integrity, interacting and listening, and thinking of others are key concepts towards winning over the loyalty of your team.
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Learning From Your Mistakes
You willmake mistakes in business and in life. But making mistakes and learning from them is crucial to winning. Never let mistakes hold you back, and never give up. The wealth of knowledge you'll gain as result will be very valuable and will help you and your business...
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A Cure for the Summertime Blues
To avoid business and employees becoming slow during the summer time, keep your team moving. Conduct evaluations, check out the competition, network, socialize and require employees to read. It will keep them on their toes and their brains active.
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Money Isn't Everything
Creating an excellent overall compensation plan will help you profit more in all areas by attracting and keeping talented and passionate people.
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The Benefit of Benefits
Attracting the best people for your business typically requires offering an appealing benefits package. By following the three R's of Recruiting, Retaining, and Retirement your small business will thrive since you have been able to obtain and keep the best.
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Rejuvenate yourself and your business
With a bit of planning, your time off can be as beneficial for your business as it is for you.
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Empower Your Team In 2016
If you are dreaming of being a great success story, just remember that dream would be a nightmare without a great team behind you. Dave has ideas on how to make your dream a reality.
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