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Community Giving Program

American River Bank focuses its support on organizations that create opportunity, enhance self-esteem, and provide physical and emotional assistance for the most vulnerable women and children, particularly low-to-moderate income.

Program Criteria

The American River Bank Community Giving Program makes contributions to local, community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations conducting charitable work to benefit the most vulnerable women and children within Sacramento, Sonoma, Placer or Amador Counties.

We do not make contributions to individuals, government agencies, political organizations, campaign causes or candidates, or for lobbying or religious purposes.

Giving Opportunities

Event Sponsorship. We support locally based non-profit organizations that serve women and children. In general, event sponsorships will not exceed the amount of $500. Thirty days advance notice required.

In-Kind Donations. We make in-kind donations of merchandise and logo items for non-profit events. Thirty days advance notice required.

Volunteer Support. While we’re proud to be able support our local community organizations financially, we believe that in order to make a community really shine, nothing less than a little elbow grease will do. Our volunteer program allows employees to give their time and talents without taking vacation or flex time. If your organization needs a little volunteer elbow grease, let us know.

Facility Usage. We make our facilities available to non-profit organizations looking for meeting space or who would like to display fundraising materials in our lobbies. Subject to availability.

Financial Education Program. Could your organization benefit from our financial education program? Employee volunteers reach diverse community groups and based on your needs, will teach a variety of topics, from the basics of checking accounts and credit reports to fraud prevention and scams.

How to Apply
To apply for support from our Community Giving Program, please download our application and submit it via email, specifying which giving opportunities your organization is interested in. In addition to the application, applicants may submit one 8.5” x 11” page of additional information.

This form cannot be used to apply for a American River Bank Foundation grant. 

If you have questions about the program, please email us at