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What Makes Us Different?
The average tenure of our employees is over 8 years. It's just one of the ways American River Bank is different

Employee Recognition Award Winners

One of the main reasons American River Bank is different from other financial institutions is our extraordinary team of employees.  We often receive feedback from clients about the exceptional, friendly and knowledgeable service our team members provide. We love our team too, which is the reason we celebrate all of our employees and recognize those who go above and beyond for our clients as well as our bank at our Annual Employee Recognition Celebration. Here are this year’s award winners!

You can join the recognition fun!
You can recognize an employee and share your appreciation for outstanding service by submitting a Shout Out to any branch employee. Shout Out notepads are available at each branch location on the Community Board.

Recognition Award Winners
Rookie of the Year: 
  • Joe Panizzera (Healdsburg) - Joe provided Healdsburg with stability in a market and office that was hurting. He spent the year providing strong service and getting to know his client base on a deeper level. Upon hire Joe had to immediately begin hiring his own team, get them trained, and get to know his clients, begin building the trust back & start growing the bank. He has done a great job. Client satisfaction at 93%, Merchant income 111%, Non Interest Income 101%. Operationally he had a big task, he & his team learned our processes on the job without a trained team member in the office and they received high marks from our internal & external auditors.

Unsung Hero:
  • Linda Tran (eBanking) -  Linda Tran is the epitome of an Unsung Hero.  She is always cheerful on the phone and eager to help, no matter the circumstance.  She keeps a great sense of humor while delivering exceptional service to other coworkers, and clients.  You know that you will get results if you go to Linda and we greatly appreciate her.

Retail Associate(s) of the Year: 
  • Dana Houde (Santa Rosa, pictured right) - Not only is Dana a leader in a branch with a Retail Team Lead, she also manages the merchant accounts for Sonoma.   She assisted in booking  5 new merchant accounts helping Sonoma exceed their merchant income goal by .5%.  In addition she has been a support in Vicki’s absence in Sacramento. Dana also referred 7 loans, 4 booked totaling $10 million in new loans and made or exceeded her calls and reviews goals, as did the CSRs under her. Dana also assisted in the development of new hires in Healdsburg. 
  • Jigna Patel (Sacramento, pictured left) - Jigna is easy to work with and is not afraid to jump in and help with whatever needed to be done. We were not surprised that she stepped up and became the CSC at Bradshaw. If you ever call over for assistance, Jigna is always ready to help out. There is no doubt that she is becoming a great leader and asset to her team. She always greets Clients warmly, asks how she can help, and when tasked with a job she is willing to follow through to completion. She is a great leader in her area and she gives A+ service to the clients she serves.
  • Mary Atkinson (Amador) - Mary Atkinson is a Branch Service Specialist who covers all areas of the bank but primarily the Amador region. When traveling between branches, she has created personal relationships with the ARB team as well as our clients. When she is scheduled at an office, she will look for ways to make the branch successful, which could be filling in for the manager and completing their duties to training new employees to helping clients while at the teller line. “Her continuous Extra O to all our clients is always appreciated and noticed. She provided valuable feedback to CSR’s and other employees in a positive constructive manner. She has such a positive helpful can do attitude.”
Commercial Banking Teammate  of the Year: 
  • Christina LaChapelle:  (Team Rancho Cordova) - Christina is a team player in the truest sense of the term. She is calm and considerate of all of her team members no matter what role they play. When it comes to beating the competition, Christina is both a sprinter and a marathon runner. She hustles every day to move loans for our clients across the finish line while never seeming to tire during some of the long, arduous races. Her Rancho Cordova team closed a tremendous number of new loans in 2018 due in large part to Christina’s abilities as a reliable, detail-oriented, and highly-efficient teammate. Her positive/can-do attitude is contagious and her willingness to be helpful sets a great example for all of us at the bank.

Department Manager of the Year: 
  • Alyssa McCoy (Compliance) - Alyssa has done a terrific job managing the Compliance and BSA Departments for the Bank.  She has been very effective in creating and maintaining a department that searches for solutions as opposed to taking the easy way out and just pointing out everything wrong with an idea or transaction.  She and her team have had favorable results and are highly thought of by the rest of the Bank whereby staff is very comfortable calling them for assistance and guidance without fear of reprimand or repercussion.  Alyssa leads a department that is the consummate team player in moving our Bank forward.
Community Super Hero: 
  • Jeri Schiro (CSS) - Jeri continued heading our bank’s alliance with Junior Achievement of Sacramento, whom provides financial literacy training to our youth. She is committed to the mission of providing financial literacy opportunities to young people in our market areas. A true advocate for youth in our community.  Her outreach has been successful, gaining more advocates in the bank.  Her dedication to making this kind of service a priority is an inspiration to her teammates. Jeri continued to play a lead role with the annual Bowl-a-thon and participated in the Stock Market Challenge.  She sets a great example as a volunteer, organizer and leader for others at ARB.  Through Junior Achievement she has taught JA In A Day, participated in Stock Market Challenge, and served on the organization committee for Crazy Bowl just to name a few. 
All-Star Branch Leader:
  • Sara Seyyedin (Bradshaw) - Sara had a great year. Her team exceeded both Core and Profitability and achieved 98.65% on their client’s satisfaction scores.  Her office always does extremely well on their audits and branch reviews. Her office experienced staffing changes during the year, she had an entirely new team by Q3, her leadership style and true concern for her team ensured that a strong dynamic was quickly created. She is a great support for the entire Retail team.

Commercial Banking All-Star: 
  • Scott Spafford (Team Roseville) - Scott created a reputation in the bank for being someone who people can go to discuss ideas & challenges. As we in Commercial Banking try to see lending opportunities where others do not, Scott has become popular amongst the troops for being a creative thinker.  His wide array of experiences enables him to see the world differently than many of us do, while his off-the-charts charisma & likability as well as his honesty & sincerity continue to produce meaningful relationships for him, the Bank, and his coworkers.
Support All-Star: 
  • Diana Tomasetti (CSS) - Too many times Diana has been there to walk fellow employees through a new Deposit Express install.  She is so patient and gives directions very clearly.  Diana is always present and available.  She is knowledgeable and does not ever assume answers, but finds the right answer if she does not know it already. Diana is extremely helpful with everything surrounding clients and support. She assists in deposit express installations and actively looks for ways to help. Whenever I send an email to CSS or call for assistance, she is the first to respond and assist.

“CEO” Award:  
  • Debbie Gunther (Jackson) - Debbie Gunther celebrated 35 years with the Bank.  She has had relationships with some of our clients for 4 generations and is one of the reasons for the high client satisfaction and client loyalty in Amador County.  She provides extraordinary service to our clients; always greeting them by name and even remembers their birthdays. They will wait for her because they know she will take fantastic care of them.  She was voted “Best Teller” in Amador County four years in a row which is a testament to the experience she provides to every person that walks into our branches including our own employees. 

ACE Award - Adapting to a Changing Environment:  

Change can be hard and in 2018 there were many changes at ARB. We recognized a group of employees who experienced the most change during the year – new leadership, new job roles, new supervisors – these employees adapted to these changes and are continuing to work together to ensure their departments are delivering the very best.

Executive Team Circle of Excellence:  

Recognizes employees who exemplify the American River Bank cultural pillars of service, speed and collaboration.  Recipients play a key part in the success of the company and through strong leadership and influence skills, have made an impact on others and the company. 

2018 Shout Out of Attendance Excellence:  
  • Angie Hamilton – 1 Year
  • Dipak Patel – 1 Year
  • Jigna Patel  – 1 Year
  • Jenn Rohde – 1 Year
  • Melody Su – 1 Year
  • Olivia Torres – 1 Year
  • Katie Trevion – 1 Year
  • Wendy Wells – 1 Year
  • Siamak Kermanj – 2 Years
  • Tracey Weems – 2 Years
  • Steve Moyer – 9 Years

2018 Shout Out of Safety Excellence:  
  • Siamak Kermanj – 6 Years
  • Steve Moyer – 1 Year
Congratulations to ALL!