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Happy employees — happy business

Have you ever heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life”? While it may ring true in your marriage, a similar saying could also ring true in your business — “Happy employees, happy business.” Making sure your employees are happy in their jobs can be difficult. A recent study conducted by MetLife reported that employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are more likely to feel loyal to their company and to believe their company is loyal to them.* Many workplaces are adopting unconventional employee benefits to keep employees happy at work.
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Think outside the box with benefits
Host healthy meals. Provide a healthy lunch once a month or even once a week if your budget allows. This encourages a healthy lifestyle while letting people socialize at work.

Unlimited vacation days. Many employers have combined vacation, personal and sick time into one pool, generally with 15-25 days off per year. A few allow unlimited vacation days — with a few restrictions. It needs to be clear that employees will be held accountable for their work. And it’s important to discuss expectations and schedule
vacations in advance.

Financially support further education. Offering reimbursement or financial assistance for your employees’ higher education or vocational training could create a recipe for success. If the education fits your business, you could benefit from employees’ knowledge, as well as show employees how invested you are in their future.

Offer popular voluntary benefits. Many businesses believe health insurance is a must, but other benefits like life insurance, dental insurance, critical illness insurance and vision care help bring
a more well-rounded benefit package to your business.

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