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How to Translate Marketing into Sales

Your business is on the cutting edge of SEO research. Your social media campaigns are flourishing and your Google page rank is steadily rising. All of your marketing strategies are working, so then why aren’t your sales increasing? The following are a few reasons why your marketing efforts might not be reflected in your sales. 

1. Your advertising doesn’t match up with your products or services.
Take another look at how your products or services are being advertised and reevaluate whether it’s entirely accurate. You may need to be more specific about the details so customers know clearly what to expect.

2. Leads are falling through the cracks. Every business loses the occasional lead but it shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. To prevent losing potential business leads, investigate how leads are processed now. It may be that someone is dropping the ball or maybe your whole system needs to be revised. You may want to consider investing in a computer program to help keep track.

3. Your sales team isn’t up to par. If someone has clicked to sign up for a newsletter or white paper they should be contacted as soon as possible. It could be that your sales team isn’t contacting leads
fast enough, or isn’t contacting potential leads at all. Maybe your team hasn’t been properly trained, or maybe the training hasn’t stuck — either way your business will suffer.

The key to having a successful business is making sure that all the parts are pulling their weight and working together. If your marketing and sales just don’t align, then it’s time to take a closer look.

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