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What Makes Us Different?
Each employee is trained to a 27 point code of service standards. It's just one of the reasons why 95% of our clients would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Industry Expertise

For almost 30 years, American River Bank has worked with business owners in almost every industry but has come to specialize in providing financial expertise to Professionals, Residential Property Managers, Building Trades, Manufacturers & Wholesalers and Fiduciaries & Bankruptcy Professionals.  

Our specialized knowledge means we can offer a full suite of banking products and services customized for your industry, complimented with American River Bank's legendary client service.   

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Banking Services for Professionals 
American River Bank provides the best of convenience and service for our professional clients. No matter what your practice or firm profile is, we have the experience and solutions to help you easily manage all financial aspects, so you can concentrate on your patients or clients and preserve your billable hours.  Read More>>

Banking Services for Residential Property Managers
We know first-hand the unique challenges property managers face when managing a large portfolio of single-family and small residential properties. As your banking partner, we can provide single-source reconciliation, silos for each property and staff training, freeing up your time so you can spend it with your owners.  Read More>>

Banking Services for Building Trades
Build a financial foundation with American River Bank that can help you weather the unavoidable market cycles all construction businesses face. With over 25 years of experience with contractors, we can enhance your ability to bid more projects while keeping consistent and positive cash flow.  Read More>> 

Banking Services for Manufacturers & Wholesalers All your money tied up in supply chain management? American River Bank has the expertise to enhance your manufacturing or wholesale business’ ability to grow by helping you get your inventory and receivables into the optimal balance.  Read More>>

Banking Services for Fiduciaries & Bankruptcy Professionals
Looking for a bank that understands the unique needs of Fiduciary and Bankruptcy professionals? Look no further than American River Bank.
In partnership with Fiduciary Management Technologies , we offer BriefCaseTM - a comprehensive case administration application that encompasses all phases of your case administration. Read More>>