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Lockbox Remittance Processing

Free up your staff’s valuable time by centralizing your billing & payments processing and having the proceeds deposited directly into your business checking account. 

Lockbox Remittance Processing works well for any size business that accepts a large volume of checks for payment received in person or via the mail.

Condominiums, Home Owner's Associations, Commercial Property Companies, Apartment Buildings, Professional & Medical Offices, Schools & Churches are a few businesses that utilize Lockbox Remittance processing.

Features and Benefits
  • Daily online access to web secured portal where you have access to view lockbox remittance activity including customized reporting.
  • Customized solution based on your billing & payments processing needs
  • Dedicated P.O. Box - all payments are directed to one, centralized location.
  • Direct deposit to your Active Business Checking Account 

How it Works

  1. We'll review your current billing & payments processing and then create your custom solution. We can even design payment coupons for you.
  2. You'll be assigned your very own P.O. Box. Direct all payments to one, centralized location.
  3. Payments will be deposited directly into your Active Business Checking Account.
  4. Since we've created a custom solution just for you, you'll now be able to review your custom reports on a daily basis on the web. 

  • Fees are processed through your Active Business checking Account monthly.
  • Pricing is customized to fit the specific needs of your business.