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Old-school marketing techniques that still work

Sure, digital and social marketing may get all the buzz, but there are some very effective traditional marketing techniques still worth employing. Consider some of these tried-and-true techniques the next time your marketing efforts need a boost: 

Try hard copy. So many communications are now electronic, such as email, websites and enewsletters. With so much less paper mail, a hard copy campaign can make readers sit up and take notice.

Show your gratitude. We live in a fast-paced society, so it’s easy to overlook saying thank you, yet it can make a big difference. Pick a few people from your list of business associates each month and write them a thank-you note. An email is nice, but a handwritten thank-you is even better. 

Have a contest. Try setting up a sweepstakes in your store. You’ll need to pick a prize and construct a registration box to collect names, addresses and email addresses. Once the contest is over, you can enter all of the names and information you collected to add to your customer database.

Reward referrals.
Implement a reward program for customers who bring in new customers to your business. You could offer free merchandise or a gift card to let your customers know you appreciate their positive word-of-mouth.

American River Bank invites you to take a BOW
At American River Bank, we like to see your business prosper and grow. This is why we give our clients the opportunity to showcase their business in one of our branches as the Business of the Week (BOW). It’s just one of the ways we like to help and promote your success.

If you’re interested in being showcased as Business of the Week, please call or visit your local branch.
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