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Red tape has been cut on SBA loans

To give small businesses better and less time-consuming access to Small Business Administration (SBA) loans , the SBA has cut more than 100 pages of paperwork from loan applications and simplified its loan programs. For example:

  • The Small Loan Advantage program now has a simpler application process for loans under $350,000.
  • The SBA 504 Loan program offers advantages such as down payments as low as 10%, competitive interest rates, and the ability to use funds for commercial real estate or equipment purchases.

For your operational needs, American River Bank offers Equipment Financing and Business Lines of Credit. To learn more contact us today!

  • The CAPLines program has been reengineered, making it easier for small businesses to meet their short-term and cyclical working-capital needs. 
  • The Office of Disaster Assistance has made it easier for businesses affected by a disaster to apply for a loan and to get funds disbursed more quickly.
The SBA does not make loans directly — they partner with a qualified bank to lend the money. SBA loans are issued with government guaranty that they will be repaid, so there is less risk to the lender. In turn, your business may have greater access to business loans with competitive interest rates, flexible terms and other benefits. 

To help businesses remain competitive and maximize their potential, American River Bank offers SBA 504 Loans. To learn more, call us at (800) 544-0545 or contact our Business Banking Experts today!