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Best Social Media Applications for the Construction Industry

Keep in mind that the social media tools you adopt should help you reach the audience you are trying to market to, as well as help you achieve real business goals. The larger and more popular networks are great places to start to cast wider nets to reach a greater number of people more quickly, but you should also target your social media efforts.

LinkedIn and Related Industry Social Media

Reach industry colleagues and other business professionals through the professional social network LinkedIn. Here are some tips to get the best results:

  • Set up your Profile first as a place to network one-to-one with others in your industry as well as clients and prospects.
  • Create a LinkedIn Page for your business similar to a Facebook Page.
  • Search LinkedIn Groups for forums related to the construction industry. These include those run by the Construction Management Association of America, both the national group and regional organizations. Or join general LinkedIn industry groups such as the Engineering and Construction Professionals Forum.
  • Interact with industry peers through niche construction groups such as Design and Construction Network .

Facebook , Twitter

Set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account or both if your audience is in both places and you have the resources to manage them. Set up your Facebook Page as a local business and use its social ads to target people based on their location and interests. On Twitter, you can attract the attention of the right target audience by following people who could be potential customers and also by paying for Twitter ads.

Instagram , Pinterest , YouTube , SlideShare

Visuals are a great way to enhance your marketing efforts online. Post images of construction projects underway, completed projects, events surrounding your work, and other imagery and presentations that are harder to get into the hands of the public through traditional public relations. In addition to posting images and video on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, use image focused sites like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to convey information. Upload slide presentations and PDF documents to a social network such as SlideShare.

Directories and Google+

Set up or claim your business on a review site and business directory such as Yelp where you can review and respond to feedback from customers and peers. Remember to claim your Google+ My Business Page to tie into Google search.

Managing Social Networks

If you have multiple employees who are engaging in social media on behalf of your company, use social media dashboard tools to help your team monitor, manage and schedule online messaging. Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial and MarketMeSuite work with a variety of social networks such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Profiles and Pages and Facebook, however, consider using Facebook’s built-in scheduler for greater reach on the network.

Even though you may adopt social networks for your marketing communications, don't forget about your email list. Email lists are still popular and effective for reaching your target audience. Ask people to join your list periodically in your social networks and add a subscribe tool to your blog or even your Facebook Page. Overall, keep your messaging focused and clear, be prepared to be responsive, and keep track of your progress in social media as you network, post, blog and tweet.