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Many factors play a part in determining the ebb and flow of the construction industry. From problems as universal as increased demand on materials to more regional issues like a saturated market, builders must prepare for drastic peaks and slumps in business. The following sections offer information to keep construction companies moving dirt rather than pushing daisies.

  • What you need to know
    Learn how businesses in today's construction industry handle issues like material logistics, order volume, maximizing inventory, competitive bidding and more. This section offers several articles that cover the topics Vendor Relations, Purchasing, Software & Hardware, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service as well as Staffing & Employment, Insurance, and Communications...
  • Industry Publications
    Finding publications that target the construction industry is no problem - the trick is getting hold of the right ones. In this section, the cited links lead to information about the field's most distinguished print and online periodicals. Besides covering a number of financial sectors, some offer free or discounted subscriptions to qualified professionals and students.
  • Trade Shows
    The construction industry uses its trade shows and conferences to shine the spotlight on new trends, the latest building materials and services. This section provides dates, locations and information on a number of industry events taking place in the upcoming year.
  • Trade Associations and Resources
    Small business owners in the construction industry need all the resources they can assemble to grow in a volatile economy. Whether you are a construction business owner, have a general contractor or subcontractor business, are a home builder or a remodeler, or run a supply or manufacturing business, information is available to help. This section provides valuable information about trade associations and other resources to help you weather the turbulent times and come out ahead.
  • Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.
    With dozens of disciplines coming under the auspices of the construction industry, pros in this field may well find the task of branching into a new specialty a daunting one. Happily, this section not only explores the possibilities - plumbing, carpentry and masonry among them - it also provides an extensive list of certification entities, state contractor licensing boards and continuing education opportunities.