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A keystroke or two opens the door to hundreds of sites on many practice areas. Regardless of the specialization, these sections offer in-depth industry info, news, technical support and business tools geared to keeping dental professionals conversant and current in their disciplines.

  • What you need to know
    Experienced dental professionals know that building knowledge is an ongoing process, because there’s always something to learn. As for dentists with new practices, basic business understanding is a must. Here is a virtual handbook on a number of operational topics – including Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.
  • Industry Publications
    Running a dental practice is a business as much as a science. To this end, publications featured in this section deal with management, operational, educational and technical issues. Moreover, some also cover breaking news and important industry developments. Many are available in both print and digital formats. In certain cases, free subscriptions are available to eligible practitioners.
  • Trade Shows
    For most busy dental entrepreneurs, the one way to get out of the office is to hit the road! Fortunately, the field of dentistry provides a slew of networking opportunities nationwide, particularly conferences and events focused on educational, professional and personal growth. This section features some of the leading functions of the year, including dates and locations.
  • Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.
    Refer to this section for continuing education and training opportunities for dentists, dental office managers, assistants and other support staff. Links to professional organizations that provide applicable courses, such as the American Dental Association, are included. Also reviewed are the basic licensing requirements for dental hygienists and dental assistants.
  • Trade Associations and Resources
    A dental practitioner must be knowledgeable on everything from financing to marketing to office management, all while keeping up with the clinical side of dentistry. This section provides information on support and resources to help the dental practitioner thrive and better serve his or her patients and the community.