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Secure your Business against Cyber Crime

WProtect Yourself from Cyber Crimeith the cost of cyber crime up 56% between 2010 and 2011* and more cyber criminals turning their eyes to smaller and often less protected businesses, now is the time to shore up your IT security and protect your business from cyber fraud.

An ounce of prevention
Cyber crime is an ever-evolving racket, but you can help make your company less vulnerable to cyber attacks with the following steps.

Protect your hardware. Mobile devices offer more flexibility for employees, but may make your business’ sensitive information vulnerable to cyber thieves. Encrypt the hard drives on laptops, lock mobile devices and consider signing up for a remote wipe service so you can erase sensitive data if a phone is lost or stolen.

Consider the cloud. Cloud service providers have the resources to field a team of IT security experts. Moving your email and other services to the cloud may keep your data safer.

Educate employees (and yourself). Invest in security awareness training so you and employees can identify fraudulent schemes and recognize potential dangers, such as opening email attachments or visiting social networking sites.

Limit use of computers that access business banking accounts. Don’t email or browse the Web from these computers and restrict the number of employees who have access to them.

Update. Keep your firewall, security suite, operating system and anti-virus programs current at all times.

Consult an expert. A security contractor can review your security and help you set policy.

For more information, visit our Online Security Center.

* Source: Hewlett-Packard, “HP Research Reveals 56% Rise in the Cost of Cyber Crime,”