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Secured Banking Environment

Dear Valued Clients,

All American River Bank offices have been upgraded to a secured banking environment. This enhancement has been made to increase the safety of our team and clients due to a rise in armed bank robberies in Northern California over the last 18 months, which has also directly affected our Bank.

Our offices have had automatic doors installed, allowing employees to quickly buzz clients in the office via remote control.

We understand this change will be an adjustment and assure you the decision was not made lightly. However, the safety and security of our team and clients is our chief concern and in researching the many ways to increase security in our offices, this method best fit our Bank. For example, encasing the teller line in bullet proof glass is a common security measure that many banks utilize, but we felt this would negatively impact the relationship-oriented experience we share with our clients.

The need for increased security is an issue all banks will need to face and although we did not intend to be a leader in this area, we believe it a necessary step to protect our team and clients.

We value your relationship and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about the new procedure, please contact your local branch or send us a message.


Your American River Bank Team