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Should I Buy a Building for my Business?

Ask for a Rent vs. Buy Analysis Today!

If you lease or rent your business offices or store front, have you ever wondered what it would take to buy your own building? If the answer is yes, but you’re still unsure, let us help you examine if buying is a suitable option for you. We’ll even help you develop a plan to do it!

Contact a Business Banking Expert  I want a Rent vs. Buy Analysis! 

Consider this information:

The benefits of owning Commercial Real Estate for Business Purposes are many!

  • Lock in your loan payment with a fixed rate
  • Don’t have to worry about possible rent increases or even losing your leased space.
  • Your loan payments go toward creating equity and you can realize the upside in the event the property increases in value
  • You get certain tax deductions as an owner
  • Earn additional income by leasing a part of the building you buy

Take the Next Step: Rent vs. Buy Analysis
If you’re ready to explore what it takes to buy a building for your business, you’re in the right place! Connect with an American River Bank Business Banking Expert and receive a personalized Rent vs. Buy Analysis. We'll also help you determine if flexible conventional View a Sample Analysis >> 

We’ll take a look at many factors to give you a complete picture, including:
  • Rent vs. mortgage payments
  • Tax impact
  • Expected repairs and maintenance
  • Insurance costs
  • Which loan program is right for you

And don't worry, you won’t be going it alone. We’ll explain the process to you so you know what to expect, step by step. 

Contact a Business Banking Expert  I want a Rent vs. Buy Analysis!

We’re Here to Help
No matter if you're ready to take the plunge today or just dreaming for tomorrow, we want to provide you with the resources you need to succeed.  Here's some other information you might find helpful:

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This is not an offer or commitment. Rates, terms and conditions vary based on property type/use and may be changed without notice. All transactions are subject to submission of a formal application, underwriting and written approval. Approval terms may vary. Note that neither this financial institution nor any of its affiliates give tax advice. Consult your tax advisor or attorney for information specific to your situation.