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Should your business recruit proactively?

Businesses have learned a lot about running lean in the past few years. Both inventory and hiring have been on a just-in-time basis. But waiting to recruit employees until you absolutely need to hire may not always be the best approach. Reacting to the immediate need to fill a position may not result in getting the best-qualified candidates. Taking a proactive approach — continually recruiting even when you’re not actively looking to hire — may produce a better outcome in some cases. 

The competition for top talent may become more intense as the economy continues to improve. CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast found that more hiring managers plan to add full-time, permanent employees this year — 26% of those surveyed, up from 23% last year.*

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Weigh the benefits
There are pros and cons to taking a proactive approach to recruiting. On the down side, you may spend time and effort to screen and  identify qualified candidates, only to find that they have accepted other positions in the meantime. And job candidates who are looking for openings in the immediate future may be annoyingly persistent in their follow-up, even when they’re told that there are no positions available immediately. 

On the plus side, you may be able to fill positions quickly when they open up because you’ve built a pipeline of qualified applicants. More important, it allows you time to fully assess your organization’s
needs and determine what qualifications prospective hires should possess to help the company move forward. With continual recruiting you keep tabs on the talent available in the labor market and keep an
eye on what competitors are doing. The result may be hires that better position your organization for long-term success.

Write a Better Job Description
Before you start recruiting, you need to know exactly what your new hire will do. Detail the work duties, tasks and responsibilities of the position and the outcomes expected in a job description. It may help to consult the Dictionary of Occupational Titles from the U.S. Department of Labor ( to browse descriptions of similar positions. 

A thorough job description includes:

• Job title
• Job objective or overall purpose statement
• Location where work will be performed
• Details of the position, areas of responsibility
and reporting relationships
• Skills, knowledge and abilities required
• Education, experience and credentials
• Methods used to complete tasks
• Equipment to be used
• Physical requirements
• Description of the work environment
• Explanation of performance evaluation
• Collective bargain agreement, if employees
are members of a union
• Salary range

Make payroll a snap 
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