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Taking Care of Our ARB Family

The ARB Employee webpage you are viewing can easily be accessed anywhere. Please save the address but do not share it with people outside the Bank. Please check this page each workday morning for pertinent Bank information.

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2020

4-22-2020 COVID-19 Paid Leave Information- Below is detailed information about time off available to our teammates who have been impacted by COVID-19 and how that will be handled.

  • Time off taken in March for COVID-19 related  illness or school closure is not subject to the 80 hours of paid leave time under the FFCRA. It should have been categorized as excused paid time off with notes in the time card or exempt attendance summary for tracking purposes. ARB has chosen to cover this time for our employees.
  • Beginning April 1, employees impacted by COVID-19, whether through school closure, exposure, illness or care of someone with illness,  are eligible for 80 hours of additional paid sick time. These 80 hours do not  get allocated to sick balances within TriNet as they do expire on 12/31/2020, but rather should be labeled as excused paid time on time cards or exempt attendance summaries with notes as to whether it was used for personal illness, care of someone with illness or school closure (all COVID-19 related). TriNet has provided an EFMLEA Request Form to help with tracking. If you have already taken the 80 hours of paid sick time, please complete the form and send it to me.  We do need to track this time and it will be given a special code on the back end.
  • When the 80 hours have been exhausted, employees who must continue to  provide care to children whose school or daycare is closed due to COVID-19 are eligible for additional time off (up to 10 weeks) through Emergency Family Leave.  EFMLEA is available to employees who need to provide care for their child(ren) whose school or child-care provider closed due to COVID-19. Employees are eligible for up to 10 weeks of EFMLEA at 66% of their normal rate of pay. The 10 weeks of EFMLEA leave is capped at $200 per day or $10,000 total. The initial 80 hours of paid sick leave is not included in the $10,000 total.  Of course employees can elect to use any accrued time off to supplement their wages while on leave.  If you are in need of requesting this time, please complete the EFMLA Request Form and return it to HR. Any of this time can be taken intermittently as needed, it does not have to be consecutive days.

Your management team is committed to making decisions that best help protect our teammates and clients prevent the spread of the virus, while still enabling the bank to operate and serve the community.   

4-17-2020 CARES Act - The CARES Act contains retirement plan provisions designed to provide financial relief for participants impacted by the coronavirus. These include expanding permissible distributions and loan rules and extended loan repayment periods for affected participants. For details see Pentegra's CARE Act and Its Impact on You or contact Anneliese.

4-15-2020 Sacramento Region Courier Service Update - While Courier service for our Clients has been and will remain suspended until Shelter in Place orders are lifted, we will resume limited courier service to the Sacramento region offices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting tomorrow, 4-16.   


4-15-2020 Sneeze Shield Delivery - Sneeze Shields will be delivered to Sacramento and Amador Offices via Steve and to Sonoma Offices via Siamak.  If you have anything that needs to get to another branch, please have it ready to go for our amazing courier team! 

4-7-2020 ARB Face Mask Protocol - Signs are now posted at every branch door that state for the safety of all, clients wearing a face mask may be asked to authenticate their identity and the reason for their visit prior to inviting them in to the Bank.

4-7-2020 Hand Sanitizer & Cleaning Supplies - Each Branch should have received a fresh supply of hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies (or will today). If you have not yet received them, or need additional supplies, please reach out to Zelda Casparis and/or Lisa Cisneros. Fun Fact - the hand sanitizer is from JJ Pfister, a Sacramento Distillery- turned (temporary) COVID-19 hand sanitizer maker !



ARB (& SBA) Loan Relief information is now online! For details click here 



  • All Branches REMAIN OPEN.
  • Lobby Hours are 10 am-3 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Branch Team Members are in the office and available 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to assist over the phone and through email.


  • Zinfandel Office Doors will remain locked until 8 AM and automatically re-lock at 4 PM.
  • Please keep your key fob with you at all times.
  • Please vacate Zinfandel by 5:30 pm each day for the safety of all!


  • Designated Employee Letter (sent from Olivia Torres on 3/24) in the vehicle you take to/from work  as proof of being an employee of American River Bank, an essential business.
  • The link to this private webpage ( for easy reference.
  • Bank Phone List 
    • Please print a hard copy of the Bank Phone list and keep it with you any time you leave the Bank. (A copy at home, in your car and/or in your purse or briefcase.)
    • Those working remotely should add the number to Pronet – 866-363-1375.


  • What To Do If You Are Sick 
  • Employee Assistance Program – This is a stressful time – through our benefit plan, you have 3 free counseling sessions. Please use them if needed! Their number is 888-893-5893.


A Message from Dave Ritchie

THANK YOU. I cannot say it enough. I am grateful that we have a team in place that is working together to take care of each other and of our clients. I continue to be impressed and thankful for your continued commitment to work through this as a Team.

As you know, we are considered an essential service (Bank, grocery, hospital, gas, law/fire) so we are legally obligated to continue to serve clients. That said, we are 100% committed to taking care of YOU, a valued member of our ARB Family. While we want to act quickly, we must also think decisions through so we don’t create bigger and more complicated problems. As soon as we have information we are sending it out to you. Thank you for your patience.


  • Paid Leave - We care about you and your family. 
    • Employees impacted by the Coronavirus whether through school closure, exposure or illness will be granted up to 80 hours of paid leave time.  If more time off is needed, employees will also be eligible for emergency FMLA leave which will cover up to 2/3 of their regular rate of pay. 
    • Of course, employees can use any accrued time off to supplement their wages while on leave. This includes the need for you to stay home with your minor aged children.
    • If you have individual needs to be addressed, please work with your Manager or Human Resources. Each employee has unique needs and we are committed to doing what we can to address you as individuals.

We are working to reduce the amount of social interaction as best we can. To date we have taken the following steps:

  • Encouraged Social Distancing while in Branches and Reduced Branch Hours
    • Limited the number of clients allowed in the branches at one time.
    • Reduced the Lobby Hours system-wide.
  • Working Remotely
    • We consider all INDIVIDUAL Team Members essential. Because Zinfandel has the highest concentration of employees they were “thinned out” first, by getting essential positions set up to work remotely. Some functions simply cannot be completed remotely and those individuals will continue to work onsite. 
  • Encouraging Digital Banking
    • We continue to educate clients (via Personal calls, Emails, Website postings, door signage and in-branch signage) about all digital and remote tools that are available. 
  • Encouraging anyone who is ill or been around anyone with illness to refrain from entering branches (via signs at all entrances).
  • Removed chairs from Branch lobbies to discourage people from staying in-branch longer than needed.
  • Established increased cleaning schedules all surfaces with bleach wipes.

    Please know we appreciate and value you, and above all want you to remain safe and healthy!