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Marketing, Advertising & PR

Marketing, Advertising, and PR
Branding: You Are What Your Customers Perceive
Build a Business Identity
Identify and Develop Your Most Profitable Customers
Know Your Market: Market Research
Simple, Effective and Inexpensive Marketing
Pricing for Sales
Sell More Before Customers Leave the Store
Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
Small Business Innovation
Mass Market Advertising
Planning Your Overall Marketing Program
Know Your Competition
Gain a Competitive Edge: Create Customer Loyalty
Know Your Customers: Customer Profiles and Personas
Know Your Market: Develop a Market Analysis
Grow Your Business: New Products and Services
Grow Your Business: New Markets
Public Relations - An Overview
Create Your Own Public Relations Campaigns
Write and Distribute Great Media Releases
Partner with the Media
PR Resources
Create Effective Ads
Build Market Awareness with Promotions
Maximize Return on Advertising Spending
Developing Successful Sales Brochures
Successful Direct Mail Marketing
How to Write a Newsletter that Works
Put Your Best Business Foot Forward: Powerful Presentation Skills
Create a Unified Marketing Promotion Plan
Make Your Website Work for You
Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing