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What Makes American River Bank Different?

Banking is a rather crowded industry, where mostly the same products are available and we each say our service is the best.

So what makes American River Bank stand out from the crowd?  We know who we are, what we do well and the value we provide to our clients, shareholders and employees.  

We're a Conservative & Profitable Company
  • American River Bank has been profitable every full year since we were founded in 1983.

We Approach Banking Honestly 
  • Clients receive a courtesy call with rejected items, suspicious activity or insufficient funds.
  • We explain the cost of our services up front, not nickel and dime you with unexplained fees.
  • We teach business owners the key financial ratios used by banks to benchmark success through our REACH Business Blueprint.
  • We show clients how to save time and money by offering free  Financial Reviews in our branches.

We're Relationship Orientated - We're Good Listeners and Deliver High Value
We Provide an Extraordinary Client Experience 
  • Each of our employees is trained to a 27 point service standard code.
  • Each of our employees can be called directly without an automated phone system, even the CEO.
  • 97% of our clients are satisfied with their experience at American River Bank.

Our Employees are Knowledgeable and Stay with Us
  • 63% of our employees have been with us 5 or more years.
  • The average tenure of our employees is over 9 years.

We're Focused on Community Service