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Client Experiences

Top Companies in the Greater Sacramento Area have found the Right Formula for Success with American River Bank

The following profiles are testimonials and in the words of the person interviewed:

Pacific Coast Breakers
Randy McAyeal and Gary Volp, Owners


About Pacific Coast Breakers
Pacific Coast Breakers (PCB) is a nationwide wholesale supplier of circuit breakers and other electrical equipment that stocks over 25,000 products. PCB had approximately $8 million in revenue in 2009.

Growth Opportunities
About three years ago, PCB started doing direct sales through our web site and we see this channel just growing more and more over time. We’ve built a good reputation by specializing in small orders and hard to find items, so the web lends itself perfectly to this model. Now, anyone from a single homeowner in Minnesota to a refinery in Houston can purchase the electrical equipment they need 24/7.

Space! When we first started out, we only had a 1,500 sq ft shop. Today, we’re at 25,000 sq ft with a new 10,000 sq ft building on its way. In our business, you need to take advantage of snapping up excess inventory when the price is right and that means needing a place to store it.

Client Experience with American River Bank
An asset-based line with American River Bank has really helped PCB grow, even in this down economy. The best deals on inventory come up unexpectedly and having this specialized financing has allowed us to take advantage of opportunities as they come up.

When we realized we needed extra capital to grow, we called our relationship manager Don Sager and explained to him how we wanted to get aggressive in this down economy. He took the time to layout a couple of different options and then tailored a package that would work best for our company. With American River Bank, it’s personal. They listen and take the time to understand your business. The decision doesn’t go to some corporate head that doesn’t get it and refuses to see our potential just because it doesn’t match some formula.

Wholesale Trailer Supply
Ted Rowlee, CFO


About Wholesale Trailer Supply
Wholesale Trailer Supply is a wholesale trailer parts company specializing in the utility trailer industry in Northern California with $10 million in revenue in 2009 and 43 employees.

Growth Opportunities and Challenges
Our industry has been down 30-50% over the last two years, with our company down just 5-7%. One of the ways we’ve been able to weather the storm better than our competitors is by focusing on efficiency, clearing dead inventory, inventory management and expanding our product line.

Client Experience with American River Bank
At Wholesale Trailer Supply, we treat our employees like family and we have the same type of relationship with American River Bank. About five years ago, we were in a situation where our then current bank was acquired by a big national bank. We came to American River Bank because we wanted a relationship with people, not some machine located who knows where. I know that I can call the CEO and he will take my call because at American River Bank, they are all about getting the client what they need. If you need something, you can just make a phone call and magic just sort of happens. That doesn’t happen with a large bank.

Recently, we had the opportunity to purchase a large volume of material from overseas. While the price was right, it tied up a lot of our cash and so we wanted American River Bank to consider inventory as a part of our existing asset-based line of credit. We explained to them what we needed, why and our goals for growth and profitability. The bank listened and was able to come back with terms that worked for us.

Steve Hubbard, CFO


About ChemQuip
ChemQuip is a wholesale distributor of pool chemicals and equipment specializing in less-than-a-truck-load deliveries with four offices covering Northern California, Southern Nevada and Southern Oregon.

Growth Opportunities and Challenges
The pool industry has been faced with a drastically shrinking market. In 2005, 300,000 pools were built nationwide and in 2009, just 40,000 pools were built. We’ve focused on expense control and analyzing our delivery zones for maximum efficiency. In addition, we’ve grown the chemical side our business into other complimentary industries that are less seasonal and use similar chemicals, like water treatment.

Client Experience with American River Bank
American River Bank matches our needs. The people are great to work with and accommodate us with what we need to be successful. Our philosophy at ChemQuip is to be organized so as to minimize administrative activities so the team can concentrate on generating more revenue. American River Bank fits with my philosophy – their services make doing business with them easy and convenient.