Paycheck Protection Program
Application Process

Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Applications

The Paycheck Protection Program has entered the Forgiveness Eligibility Phase.  This means borrowers who have their funds for 56 days or longer may apply to have all or portions of their loan forgiven. The rules and requirements around PPP Forgiveness phase continue to change, and so far the changes have been favorable to the borrower.  As these changes occur, we will post updates to our website.

Click here for a Virtual PPP Forgiveness Presentation by Moss Adams Information current as of 6.16.2020. Subject to change.

FAQs Related to the American River Bank PPP Forgiveness Application Process

  • Get Started with PPP Forgiveness

    Where can I find the application and directions?
    The application and directions are available on the SBA website – click here.

  • Timelines for PPP Forgiveness

    When is the soonest I can apply for forgiveness?
    56 days from the day the loan was funded/disbursed.

    How long will it take to review and get an answer?
    The SBA is allowing the Banks 60 days upon receipt of a complete application to review and submit to the SBA; the SBA then has 90 days to review after receiving from the Bank.

  • Process for PPP Forgiveness

    What is the process to apply for forgiveness?
    Clients should email ARB at to let us know they would like to start the process.  The client will then receive an email from us explaining the process.

    After submitting the application materials, when and how will I hear from the Bank?
    Clients will receive an email confirmation once their application has been downloaded. Due to the expected high application volume, this could take up to 5 business days, but in most cases, we expect sooner.

  • Application for PPP Forgiveness

    Do files need to be submitted in a specific format (PDF, Excel, etc.)?
    Yes, please - PDF.

    The application asks for the below information, where can I find this?
    The below four items can be found on your Promissory Note document.

    1. SBA PPP Loan Number can be found on page 2 of the Promissory Note. The "SBA PPP Loan Number" is different than the "Lender PPP Loan Number."
    2. Lender PPP Loan Number can be found on the top of page 1 of the Promissory Note and is referred to as “Loan No.”
    3. PPP Loan Amount can be found at the top of the Promissory Note and is referred to as the "Principal."
    4. PPP Disbursement Date can be found on several documents:
      The client’s bank statement, or account history (note - it is the date the funds were credited to the borrower’s account).
      If the loan was disbursed via paper check, it is the date that appeared on the check.

    If I have questions, who can I call for help?
    If assistance is needed to complete the calculation sections of the application, borrowers should reach out to their CPA, Accountant or other trusted business advisor. As the lender and reviewer of these applications, the Bank cannot take a role in the advising and preparation of the application.

  • Submitting Application for PPP Forgiveness

    How will I submit my application to ARB?
    Once the application is fully completed and all of the borrower’s required documents are ready, they are to be uploaded to the Bank using the link provided in the email referenced above.

    The link provided is specific to each borrower/loan; it is not to be shared or used for other loans. If the borrower has more than one PPP loan through ARB, they will receive a separate email and link for each.

    Can I use the CARES email to submit my application and documentation?
    No, borrowers are to submit their application and supporting documentation using the secure link provided.  Should they misplace or not receive the email, they should send an email to and request a link.

    If I notice an error AFTER I submit my application, how do I correct it?
    Please send an email to

  • Following Submission of PPP Forgiveness Application

    How long will it take to get an answer to my request for forgiveness?
    The SBA is allowing Banks 60 days upon receipt of a complete application to review and submit to the SBA; the SBA then has 90 days to review after receiving from the Bank.

    Who will inform me of the forgiveness decision made on my loan?
    Once the SBA renders their decision, the Bank will contact the borrower.

    Is there an appeal process if I get denied forgiveness?
    Lenders have not received guidance from the SBA regarding appeals.